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DJBiddy is the ultimate platform for music sharing, live clubhouse music, and virtual event planning.

We strive to connect DJs with a worldwide audience at the convenience of their screens. DJBiddy enables you to showcase your skills and gather an international following. Therefore, as long as you do what you’re great at, we’ll always be here to have your back.

What We Do

For DJs

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We bring you the best DJs

No matter which part of the world you reside in.

stream your best tunes

Reach more people, and perform at open events your audience won’t be able to resist.

Our platform delivers

According to your requirements without compromising your convenience

You can bid on events

Land the gig, and perform for a virtual crowd.

Simple & Easy

Simply post your event and wait for our community of DJs to start bidding on the date.

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Our customers have the option to create open events where different DJs can bid their price to land the gig. The more you bid, the greater your chances of performing.

Your profile is an essential part of your membership at DJBiddy. With more people joining our panel each day, customers can view as many profiles as they choose. To become a fan favorite, you should add your best pieces to the profile section. Remember, first impressions matter!

Once you decide the kind of event you wish to host, log in to your account and head over to your dashboard. There, you will see an option to create a private event. You must then proceed by adding the details and waiting for different DJs to start placing their bids.

I’m new to live streaming music, but I want the best DJ to perform at my event. We endorse a wide range of DJs on our platform and each offers something unique. While one may have a specialty in clubhouse music, the other can be known for a different genre. Thus, to encourage connectivity between you and our music artists, our DJs update their profiles so it reflects what they’re all about. You can filter your search, find the most followed DJs for a specific genre and send them an invite for your private event.

Of course! Once you book a DJ on our platform, you get to discuss the details of your event with them via chat. Verily, you can let them know of your specifications a few days before the big day so they’re prepared to meet your requirements.

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